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2/11   The Shed of Arts  16:30 


: Filipe Lima
Direction and Dramaturgy: Luciana Martuchelli
Costume: Marcus Barozzi
Musician: Guilherme Cezario
Video: Luciana Martuchelli e Francesco Corbelletta

What are the choices from the heart that can turn a boy into a man and a man into an artist? The stage is an island, a train station, the ruins of an ablaze theatre, God’s dwelling, the Emperor’s garden. An angel observes life. He doesn’t know if he stays in eternity’s comfort or falls and turns into a man, assuming the male heritage in a cruel world both to men and women. An actor tries to save his costumes in a theatre under fire, putting his own life at risk. An imprisoned nightingale sings to the Chinese Emperor, who is near death.
Created by Luciana Martuchelli 15 years ago, Cia. YinsPiração Poéticas Contemporâneas has focused on the actor’s training, the myth and the questioning of the women’s voice in the world as well as the myths about masculinity. Actress, director, teacher and movie maker, Luciana Martuchelli,  directs  SOLOS FERTEIS – International Festival of Women in Theatresince 2010. Focused on monologues and solo performances, conected to THe Magdalena Project. Since 1994, concentrates research on the technical work of the actor, going through myths and the feminine and masculine voices’ legacy and heritage. Since 2008, created “The Secret Art of the Performer”, a annual masters-in-residence with Eugenio Barba and Julia Varley, in Brasilia, Brazil. Luciana has been Julia’s disciple since then, translating her book “Stones of Water” to portuguese. They are developing Luciana’s first solo performance “Mare Serenitatis”, directed by Julia Varley.

6/11 The Shed of Arts 16:00


Script: Collective Creation
General supervision: Erika Rettl
With: Deisi daisy and Azavedo Rafaela

This public demonstration is part of the research process that the nucleus formed by the actresses Erika Rettl, Deisi Margaret and Rafaela Azevedo has been developing on the theme of female archetypes representation and their transfiguration throughout human history. In this work each actress will be confronted with a mythological character – Penelope and Circe. Revealing antagonistic manifestations of feminine energy so as to find subtlety and the common mysteries that entwine them.

In 1988, Erika Rettl founded together with Venício Fonseca the Theatre Group Moitará. She works as an actress-researcher and mask maker. Theatre Moitará has been developing a research on the actor’s skill, trying to understand the principles of the craft. Having as basis the studies of a theatrical Mask a group developed its own methodology. Over the years, has been carrying out artistic, educational and cultural projects through workshops, performances, exhibitions and lecture-performances throughout Brazil and taking part in national and international festivals. Since 2008 Erika runs the artistic direction of Palavras Visíveis, aimed to develop the technique of the Deaf actors through the theatre Mask language.