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31/10  Teatro Tom Jobim 20:00 | / Theatre Tom Jobim
NK 603

With: Violeta Luna
Concept / Costumes: Violeta Luna
Video and Collage: Roberto Gutierrez Varea & Mickey Tachibana
Original soundtrack: David Molina

Action for performer & e-Corn. The performance is punctuated by the intervention of a video. NK603 is the name of one of the many transgenic corn seed available in the market. GMO – are genetic interventions for profit and benefit of major corporations leaving the peasant economy unprotected.

Violeta Luna is an actress and performer, graduated at the University Theatre Center (Mexico). Artist associated with the La Pocha Notra and Dried & Mojados (San Fransico,USA). Violeta has given workshops in Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Her current work explores the relationship between theatre, performance and social participation. Working with multidimensional spaces that enable the crossing of aesthetic and conceptual boundaries, Luna uses her body as a territory to question and debate social and political phenomena.

1/1  Teatro Tom Jobim 20:00 | / Theatre Tom Jobim

perf. Temor da Rosa2DAH THEATRE/ SÉRVIA
On stage: Maja Mitic (actress), Nemanja Ajdacic (violin) and Dijana Milosevic (director)
Concept: Dijana Milosevic and Maja Mitic
Composition and Music for violin: Nemanja Ajdacic
Soundscape: Jugoslav Hadzic
Set design: Nesa Paripovic
Stage Direction: Mladen Lukesevic

This is the piece about artistic collaboration between actress and director dealing with the subject of missing people. Reflection about the strength and fragility of memory, about the meaning of the disappearance and the possibility of transformation. The old Peruvian Quechua people do not think of the past as something that we leave behind, but instead they see it as always being in front of us. To be able to construct the future we have to constantly gaze at the past, they  believe. ” The Shivering of the Rose” deals with the post-traumatic memories of family members, especially women, who have missing persons from their immediate environment.

DAH Theatre founded by the directors Dijana Milosevic and Jadranka Andjelic in 1991. Their creative outburst coincided with the separation of the former Yugoslavia and the destruction which followed. Along with actress Maja Vujovic, they decided to object to this destruction through artistic creation. In 1993, it became a Theatre Research Center with a program of workshops, seminars, festivals, meetings, projects with the community and young people along with production of the theatre performances. It is internationally known for its social and humanistic commitment.

1/1 | Galpão das Artes 21:30 /The Shed of Arts

With: Andrea Elias
Performance and Choreography: Andrea Elias
Direction e Dramaturgy: Norberto Presta
Research e Creation: Andrea Elias, Norberto Presta e Paulo Marques
Audiovisual: Eveline Costa

The body of “Esther” floats between bodies in a liquid environment as and the inpulses of the dance reverberate in the audience’s bodies which become partners in this choreography game. The transition movements trigger small conflicts experienced by the performer and the audience, between to be or not to be, to stay or not to stay, to wish or not to wish.

Andrea Elias, actress and dancer is the Artistic Director of Theatre Xirê. Since its creation in 2003, the company has dedicated to the research of scenic construction through movement, working on the mixture of dance, theater, circus and music languages. Her first productions resulted in dance-theater shows created for children. In 2008 develops research Cuidado, in partnership with Norberto Presta and Paulo Marques (Fostering Dance Grant). In 2009, he founded the Trânsito Cultural Productions, in partnership with Norberto Presta.

2/11 Teatro Tom Jobim 20:00 |  Theatre Tom Jobim

With: Julia Varley
Direction: Eugenio Barba
Text: Odin Teatret and quotes from Gonzalo Rojas and Pablo Neruda

Three hundred steps in few instants./Stone skin on my head./The dead and the transparent flies – what are they? And what do I matter?/Maybe death doesn’t take everything away.
These verses by the Italian poet Antonio Verri sum up the performance. The British actress Julia Varley evokes her meeting and friendship with the Chilean actress María Cánepa. Death itself celebrates the creative fantasy and dedication of María, who was able to leave a trace after her departure.

Julia Varley is an actress and director born in England working with the Odin Teatret (Denmark) since 1976. Apart from acting she is active in directing, teaching, organising and writing. Since 1990 she has been involved in the conception and organisation of ISTA (International School of Theatre Anthropology). Co founder of The Magdalena Project in 1986 , also coordinates The Transit Festival (Holstebro, Denmark). Editor of the Open Page Magazine, dedicated to women’s works in theatre. In addition to the performances of Odin, presents solo-performances and other work demonstrations.


3/11 Teatro Tom Jobim 20:00 | Theatre Tom Jobim

Esther Weitzman Companhia de Dança (BRASIL, Rio de Janeiro)
Concept/choreography: Esther Weitzman
Dancers/Creation: Cláudia Horta, Giselda Fernandes, Mariana Souza, Patricia Riess, Mônnica Emilio, Renata Maciel, Roberta Repetto, Thamiris Carvalho
Rehearser: Miriam Weitzman
Lighting design: José Geraldo Furtado
Costume design: Gerah Diaz e André Camacho
Music: David Byrne, The Balanescu Quartet, Ray Charles and Betty Carter, Daniel Belquer e Isadora Medella

The choice for dancers who belong to different age groups is key to the dancing sense of the piece. The choreography is a scene once it turns into a game, to the point of extracting expressiveness from the movement experience. Such a trace indicates Weitzman’s poetics, which rests on a consistent and enduring research about the dialogue between dance and silence, responsible for the creation of intense physical landscapes in her works. Jogo de Damas invests in the affective intensities generated by the very moment of the game, which work directly in the dancing corporeality to the point of transforming it continuously in the friction of experience.

Esther Weitzman is specialist in Art and Philosophy (PUC-RJ / 2006). Graduation – Dance at Escola Angel Vianna and also Physical Education at Gama Filho University. For 10 years, she has worked as a professor at Escola Angel Vianna. Nowadays, the choreographer is part of the teaching staff of Dance and Theater Course at UCAM (Cândido Mendes University) and professor of Contemporary Dance at PUC. With the foundation, in 1999, of the Esther Weitzman Dance Company the choreographer has established herself in dance scenario. In 1992 founded the Studio Casa de Pedra –Education and Art of Movement Center, that nowadays is an excellence center of dance education and promotion of new movement languages in Rio de Janeiro. The recent creations: Jogo de damas(Funarte Dance Award Klauss Vianna – 2013), O Tempo do Meio(2012), O que imagino sobre a morte(Funarte Dance Award Klauss Vianna – 2009).  


3/11  Galpão das Artes 21:30 | The Shed of Arts

With: Ana Woolf
Director: Julia Varley
Set Design: Elias Leguizamon
Text: Ana Woolf

The performance is about absence: the absence of a father, the absence of a body to bury and the absence of 30,000 missing people in Argentina, during the last military dictatorship. But absence generates its opposite: resistance, presence and identity. Absence is the starting point to build a performance that contains both a personal message and political discourse. Although no words will ever be enough to compensate the horror and suffering which have touched many generations of Argentines, the autobiographical words of a child and the real pain caused by the recent loss of her father become the dramaturgical solution which allow to tell the story of a Latin American country hit by a military dictatorship.

Argentine actress and director, Ana Woolf moved to Denmark in 1988 to work with Julia Varley, who directed her solo performance “ Seeds of Memory”. She worked for many years with Teatret OM (Denmark). Collaborate with Voix Polyphonique (France), Odin Teatret (Denmark) and the University of Nice (France). Co-founder of the Magdalena 2nd Generation, a member of Voix de Femmes – the international network of women related to missing persons. Eugenio Barba’s assistant on Chronic Life and international projects Ur-Hamlet, Medea.


4/11 Teatro Tom Jobim 20:00 | Theatre Tom Jobim

espet.Nao tem medico para mortos (1)GRENLAND FRITEATER/ NORWAY
With: Geddy Aniksdal, Anette Röde Hagnell (piano)
Direction: Tor Arne Ursin
Text: Georg Johannesen
Composition: Guttorm Guttormsen

The performance highlights Georg Johannesen’s poetic texts and enhancing them with music and choreography, in a bold and expressive style. These are poems with a particular sensitivity to political and historical and social questions relating to war, peace, violence, destruction and death. They often deal with themes that are considered un-poetic; distance, detachment, and the absence of emotion.

Geddy Aniksdal is an actress, director and the founder of Friteater Grenland. Has worked in close collaboration with the Magdalena Project since its beggining. Her performances: “Blue is the smoke of war” and “No doctor for the dead” has made international tours within the Magdalena network. She is part of the Editorial Board of “The Open Page”. Art director of “The sense of place,” a multicultural three year project for the city of Porsgrunn. At the perfomance “NO DOCTORS FOR THE DEAD” she’s accompanied by the pianist and also member of Grenland Friteater Anette Rode.

4/11  Galpao das Artes 21:30 | The Shed of Arts

BRASIL (Monica Siedler) / Florianópolis
Conception and creation: Monica Siedler e Roberto Freitas
Actress-dancer: Monica Siedler
Live Act Av: Roberto Freitas
Jumpsuit design: Ligia Baleeiro
Costume Design (other characters): Monica Siedler
Set Design,Light Design, Sound Track, Vídeos: Roberto Freitas

Somatic is the second performance from the Trilogy “No one is Impossible,” artistic research by Monica Siedler and Robert Freitas, investigating within a scene the relationship between body and live act, a term that means creation based on improvisation real-time video and audio. Like a ghost, the performer’s presence gets into constant conflict with a universe of stereotypes eventually being defeated in her expressivity.

Monica Siedler, actress (MA in theater by UDESC), has been acting in theater, film and television since 1998. Also has experience in contemporary dance through courses and regular classes with Milton de Andrade, Elke Siedler, Diana Gilardenghi. Drama teacher at the Art Workshops Santa Catarina Culture Foundation from 2005 until 2008. Monica has keeps a long term artistic partnership with the visual artist Roberto de Freitas. Together they have run the ARCO projects in art, which among other things, researches the relation of video inside the scene, resulting in the works DOLLOP, 1A (UMA) and SOMATIC.


5/11  Teatro Tom Jobim 20:00 | Theatre Tom Jobim

Direction: Jadranka Andjelic
With: Bianco Marques, Kaline Leigue Rafael Crooz, Vivane Saar
Dramaturgy: Eveline Costa
Text: Eveline Costa e extracts from “Livro dos Abraços” by Eduardo Galeano
Music: Bianco Marques
Costumes: Inara Gomide and ansamble

Inside an invented circus, artists find a country never seen, and from where nobody can ever escape. From this non-existent place, a glass eater, paranoid clown, a prophet, torturer, circus owner and the girl who had dreamed following these artists, there are those who tame and those who are tamed. The country of dreams that turns into the country of cruelty. Desires, control, fear, negligence, banalization and spectacularization of life culminate leading this circus-world to a fire.

SÊQUENCIA CÊNICAS gatrhers a group of artists who collaborate with director Jadranka Andjelic and the audiovisual artist and dramaturg Eveline Costa, within the independent art production Sequência Filmes, Musicas e Cênicas. The work of the artistis with SEQUÊNCIA CÊNICAS is based on the research in contemporary theater techniques. Jadranka, Serbian director living in Brazil since 2008 and co-founder of the Belgrade Dah Theatre, has directed various perfromances in Serbia/Europe and in Brazil: CIDADE IN/VISÍVEL, 2010 e CATADORES DE SONHOS, 2011 (FUNARTE Myriam Muniz Theatre Award). Artistic director of diverse festivals and gives workshops through out the world.

“Memories of a Small Circus” surged from the Project of development of actor’s skill – IMERSÕES which director Jadranka Andelic has been conducting with a group Sala Preta, since 2013. Created in 2009 in Barra Mansa, the Sal Preta has as works basis research and collective creation where the artists take turns in all technical and artistic functions. Creators of various shows and Project Nasce uma Cidade in 2014 received the Gold Quality Medal offered by FEBACLA and Award to Culture of the State of Rio de Janeiro.

5/11 Galpão das Artes 21:30 | The Shed of Arts

With: Cristina Castrillo
Direction: Cristina Castrillo
Direction Assistant: Bruna Gusberti
Scenical props: Sandro Carettoni, Massimo Palo, Elvis van der Meyden, Gigi Boccadamo, Pier Suriano
Tailoring: Atelier Celia

Created as part of an extensive study on playwriting without words, this performance, precisely because it avoids words, is dedicated to them. It tries to tell, with and through silence, the voices that live in it, the lost words, those we have not the courage to utter, those which, if expressed, would lose the emotion that accompanies them. What we will never be able to say. Overused words, words too tired by time or by the total absence of meaning. Constructed like a small poem with no name, this performance passes through naivety and dreams; images written with smoke, as eloquent as a silent scream and as delicate as the flight of a feather.

Cristina Castrillo is an actress and theater director. She has dedicated professionally to theater since the early 70’s with the Free Theatre, one of the most important groups in Latin America. In 1980 she founded the Teatro delle Radici in Switzerland. Her exclusive dedication to the investigation of the elements that are in the base of the actor’s formation, resulted in the creation of a series of group and/or individual presentations, putting the role of the actor in the center of the creative action. In 2014 she received the Swiss Award for Theatre at FIC (Federal Institute of Culture).

6/11 Teatro Tom Jobim 20:00 | Theatre Tom Jobim

Vocabolomacchia / ITALY
Performers: Roberto Giannini, Rossella Viti
Original live music: Roberto Giannini
Dramaturgy and images: Rossella Viti

Two actors and a camera a theatrical and photographic journey through places, landscapes, history and stories, faces and affections. An ambitious journey that is not only about theatre and that while telling us the history of photography turns it into a practice, stage play, vision and memory.

Rossella Viti a multidisciplinary researcher, actress, director and photographer. She is interested in creative processes which include movement, image and narrative, main points of the path that turned her into the author of scenes where body, text, visuality fuse. Since 1991 she has been engaged in of Ippocampo Association projects directing and playwriting as well as organizing projects and events in the cultural and artistic, educational and social areas. Artistic director of the Ippocampo Association and which she founded in the 90’s with actor and visual artstt Roberto Giannini.


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