The Concert

port / eng

7/11 Theatre Tom Jobim 21:00


Renata Rosa, Brasil (Olinda)
Renata Rosa : Voice, Rabecas and Dance
Hugo Linns: Ten strings Viola Guitar, Steel Guitar, Bass and Vocals
Pepê: Bandola, Ten strings Viola, Guitar, Seven String Guitar and Vocals
Amendoim: Percussion and vocals

After winning respect with the debut album Zunido da Mata – which received the Award Choc de L’année – Le Monde de la Musique – and Brazilian music Award for her second album Manto dos Sonhos, Renata Rosa is now launching Encantações, her third album. In Encantações, the singer, songwriter and rabeca (traditional type of violin) player Renata Rosa offers us a beautiful sound tissue, the result of intense relationship between music and literature. There are partnerships with Ariano Suassuna, influences of Alice Ruiz.

Renata Rosa has lived intensely in Baixo Sao Francisco area, where the sinuous and polyphonic native Indian’s singing became her main school and source for inspiration, and later, in the northern part of Pernambuco, where she took part in local traditions such as rural Maracatu, coco and the Cavalo-marinho impregnating herself from this poetic and musical universe. In her cauldron, these experiences meet with her fascination for Arabic and Eastern Europe music, dialoging with jazz and classical music and resulting in special sound paths where the voice occupies a prominent place. With a clear and sinuous voice -her instrument of excellence, Renata strikes us with her telluric singing, that ondulates and flies like ember in the night. The strings – mandolin, guitars, acoustic guitars, bass -played by Hugo Linns and Pepê deserve special attention, as well as the percussion created by Ameduim, the vocal polyphony with strong Indian influence and the delicate relationship of the rabeca as a second voice. With over 200 shows held in Europe in the past ten years of touring in festivals and theaters, creations to the Louvre, to the Theatre de la Ville and the Theatre des Bouffes du Nord, awarded the Artist of the Year 2015 by the Festival Radio France, Renata Rosa has been touring with her shows, her band and creating a loyal audience.