2/11 Galpão das Artes 21:30 | The Shed of Arts

GOTAS D'AGUA performance foto Adrano Santos webBRAZIL (Rio de Janeiro)
Concept, Performance and Video: Paola Luna
Cenography: Flavio Vitoi
Images: Cris Vine e Paola Luna
Editing: Leyda Napoles

Water drops form oceans and a woman goes through fragments of her history, with the same fluidity and flow of water. Her route interacts with the images projected and with the elements that compose the scene. A body in action, narrating.

Paola Luna, founder and partner of Studioline Filmes production company (Rio de Janeiro), begins in the 80s the experimentation phase in video art, participating in national and international festivals. Between other works, she produced short films and ecological documentary films. In the 90´s performed in theatre experiments of various lines and forms. From 1999 to 2004 she was curator and general coordinator of Multimedia Events produced by the Institute of Italian Culture in Rio de Janeiro.

6/11  Galpão das Artes 21:30 | The Shed of Arts

BRAZIL (Brasília)
Performer and text: Lucia Sander

OPHELIA EXPLAINS is a parody of Shakespeare´s character in which Ophelia has the chance not only to perform her madness but also to tell her life story. Here we meet an Ophelia who survived the wave of terror that decimated the court of Denmark, who hides in the periphery of Rio de Janeiro, a rap singer involved in the arms traffic who passes as a performance artist whose only show is the performance of her own death.

Lucia V. Sander has a Ph.D. in Literature and is a Professor and Researcher at the University of Brasilia, Brazil (UnB), and Visiting Scholar at several universities in the United States. She trained in theatre directing and acting at the British Theatre Association, London (BTA), and created “Criticism in Performance”, a project that discusses polemical issues related to theatre in its proper medium, i. e. on stage. Lucia writes and performs in works generated by the project. Her special interests are literature, theatre, dramaturgy and gender studies.

7/11  Teatro Tom Jobim Hall 19:00 | The Hall of Theatre Tom Jobim

Concept: Helen Varley Jamieson
Workshop participants will develop and present the performance with Helen Varley Jamieson and online collaborators Gabriella Sacco (Italy/Netherlands), Elaine van Hogue (USA), Miljana Peric (Serbia), Vicki Smith (Aotearoa New Zealand) and Letícia Casthilo (Brazil).

“We have a situation” combines digital media and audio-visual streaming in the online cyberformance platform UpStage, with live performance in the theatre space. The project will present to local and global (online) audiences an exploration of the problem and the real causes of water pollution in the Rio area. The networked performance will be followed by a live online-offline discussion about possible solutions to the situation.

Approaching 2016 Olypmpic Games in Rio de Janiero has drawn world attention to the issue of water pollution there, as many sports such as sailing, swimming and windsurfing will take place in Guanabara Bay. For local communities, this problem has existed for a long time and will persist beyond the Olympics; it badly affects their health and livelihoods as well as the wider environment.

More information is available at A live link to the online interface will be available on 7 November.

Helen Varley Jamieson is an artist and writer with over a decade of practical experience in cyberformance, a term she coined in 2000 to describe the new form of live, online performance that she was experimenting with. She completed a Master of Arts researching cyberformance in 2008, and is recognised internationally as a pioneer in the field of networked performance. She regularly performs and presents at festivals and conferences around the world.