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oficina, Linguagem da memoria, cristinawith Cristina Castrillo (Switzerland)

1 – 3 Nov 2015
from 9am till 1pm

The fundamental inescapable element of Cristina Castillo’s theatrical work is “memory”; not only with a reference to what one remembers or thinks he remembers, but rather as that particular, often imperceptible, network of cues through which an emotion appears or a reaction directs movement. “Memory” is not perceived as a reproduction of “facts”, but as an uncharted personal geography, with which we manifest ourselves, we materialize, we portray and we transmit.
(max.15 participants)

Cristina Castrillo is na outstanding actress and theater director. She has dedicated professionally to theater since the early 70’s with the Free Theatre, one of the most important groups in Latin America. In 1980 she founded the Teatro delle Radici in Switzerland. Her exclusive dedication to the investigation of the elements that base the training of the actor, resulted in the creation of a series of group and/or individual presentations, valuing the actor’s role as the center of the creative action. In 2014 she received the Swiss Award for Theatre at FIC (Federal Institute of Culture).

Bruna Gusberti is an actress, teacher and director. She participates in all Teatro delle Radici’s activities, performances and tours. Bruna is the vocal coach at the workshops. More recently Bruna has created various performance acts and directed Dove lo Sguardo Scorre and Neve.



with Violeta Luna (Mexico)

1 – 3 Nov 2015
from 9am till 1pm
This workshop has been created for performance artists, dancers, actors, spoken word or visual artists interested in performance art and in exploring the intersection of the personal, the theatrical and the political through stage actions. Students in these disciplines are also welcome.

Workshop participants will make use of their personal memory and identity as the expressive territory where they will chart a vocabulary of stage actions. Drawing on their use of body, participants will also work on imagery related to their individual and social understanding of gender, sexuality and race. Some thematic threads in the workshop include: Body (fiction and non-fiction, presence and inner strength, body as subject/object;) Space (internal and external, spatial relationships, the intervention of public and private space;) Time(real-time, fictional-time, ritual-time;) Action (site-specific, action – reaction, responses to real and imagined stimuli, audience interaction, the creative accident.)
(max.15 participants)

Violeta Luna is an actress and performer, graduated at the University Theatre Center (Mexico). Artist associated with the La Pocha Notra and Dried & Mojados. Violeta has given work-shops in Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Her current work explores the relationship between theater, performance and social participation. She works with a multidimensional spaces that enables the crossing of aesthetic and conceptual boundaries, Luna uses her body as a territory to question and debate social and political phenomena.



oficina, Koshi oi nao koshi ana_wolfwith Ana Wolf (Argentina)

4 – 6 Nov 2015
from 9am till 1pm

‘Koshi or not Koshi. The feet that think and the mind that dances ‘. The workshop is based on the development of different physical and vocal exercises extracted from Eastern and Western techniques. Through body work, theoretical concepts are explored such as presence, action energy, action and organicity. The workshop also wants to investigate the different qualities of energy and to learn how we can make them functional, manageable and available for the actor’s work. The proposed work will discuss space and breathing, action, the dancing head and the ready feet.
(max.15 participants)

Argentine actress and director, Ana Woolf moved to Denmark in 1988 to work with Julia Varley, who directed her solo show Seeds of Memory. He worked for many years with Teatret OM (Denmark). She is partners with Voix Polyphonique (France), Odin Teatret (Denmark) and the University of Nice (France). Co-founder of the Magdalena 2nd Generation, a member of Voix de Femmes, an international network of women related to missing persons. Eugenio Barba’s assistant on international projects Ur-Hamlet, Medea and Chronic Life.



with André Luiz Lima and Paola Luna (Brazil)

4 – 6 Nov 2015
from 9am till 1pm
The ability to stimulate parallel levels of perception, taking image across the “theatrical” space, incorporating creative forms of expression as a proposition of the human look of the environment, of the other and of oneself. Image and identity in confrontation. Rousing the expression potentiality through image and the creative process of the actor itself as from the reflection on the theme Gender, creating solid opportunities for reflection, inspiring greater awareness of oneself and others, of the social and cultural mechanisms that influence our construction of meaning and our views of the world. The workshop is intended for professionals and students from all areas, such as Visual Arts, Performing, Photography among others and anybody who wishes to improve creativity, self-awareness and relationship with others. The idea is that participants bring their still cameras or video cameras, if they have one, regardless the type, they are all welcome!

(max.15 participants)

Paola Luna, founder and partner of Studioline Movies production company/Rio de Janeiro, begins in the 80s the experimentation phase in video art, taking part in national and international festivals. Carries out short, ecological documentary films and other works. Since the late 90 acts again in parts and perf experiencing various languages and forms of expression. From 1999 to 2004 curator and general coordinator of Multimedia Events produced by the Institute of Italian Culture / Consulate of Italy. Since 2008 member of the Magdalena Project.

André Luiz Lima is an actor and director, working for over than 25 years in plays, events, advertising pieces, conferences, national and international festivals, film and television. Has studied and acted  in Brazil, Switzerland, England, Ecuador, Colombia, Italy and France. He represented Brazil in the 1st class of the International School of Theatre of Lugano in Switzerland. Teaches at workshops and theater and Personal Development courses in Brazil and abroad. Director of the project “Gênero” with Cia Francesa Racines de Poche in partnership with the Cultural Center Cacina Macondo in Italy.



with Helen Varley Jemieson (New Zealand)

4 – 6 Nov 2015
from 9am till 4pm 

Digital Art, on line performance-cyberperformance, conducted by Helen Varley Jamieson for artists and also IT people. The workshop focuses on the creative use of technology in the performing arts. From a topic pre chosen, the participants will create the cyberperformance “We have a Situation” which will be presented at the Festival.

We have a situation” combines digital media and audio-visual streaming in the online cyberformance platform UpStage, with live performance in the theatre space. The project will present to local and global (online) audiences an exploration of the problem and the real causes of water pollution in the Rio area. The networked performance will be followed by a live online-offline discussion about possible solutions to the situation.

Approaching 2016 Olypmpic Games in Rio de Janiero has drawn world attention to the issue of water pollution there, as many sports such as sailing, swimming and windsurfing will take place in Guanabara Bay. For local communities, this problem has existed for a long time and will persist beyond the Olympics; it badly affects their health and livelihoods as well as the wider environment.

More information is available at A live link to the online interface will be available on 7 November.
(max.10 participants)

Believing in the transforming power of art, with the mission of expanding the dialog with the community and making the event accessible to all social classes, 2 WORKSHOPS will be held for free in a community and at a public school in Rio de Janeiro.

Helen Varley Jamieson is an artist and writer with over a decade of practical experience in cyberformance, a term she coined in 2000 to describe the new form of live, online performance that she was experimenting with. She completed a Master of Arts researching cyberformance in 2008, and is recognised internationally as a pioneer in the field of networked performance. She regularly performs and presents at festivals and conferences around the world.



with Bárbara Santos (Brazil/Germany)

Madalena Laboratory Theatre of the women-Oppressed seeks to respond to the great need of privileged spaces for women to discuss the specific oppressions they face in different contexts. This is meant to be a space where mutual trust can be uphold and re-valued; where women find ways to overcome feelings of guilt, shame, and competition; and where women can confront the silence that has historically hid fundamental topics. Therefore, Madalena groups seek to build up an environment of recognition, visibility and empowerment so that women can reflect about their own oppressions, exchange ideas and support each other in the struggle for new quests and the improvement of the rights that women have already conquered. In honor of the month of black consciousness in Brazil, we’ll make a version of Madalena-Anastácia Laboratory reflecting on gender and race. The result of the experience will be presented at Saturday 7th of November at 10am.
Bárbara Santos is the Artistic Director of KURINGA (a space for Theatre of the Oppressed in Berlin), Madalena International Network (groups from Europe, Africa and Latin America), TOgether International Theatre Company and the theatre groups Madalena-Berlin and DES-Integradas. Bárbara develops Madalena Laboratory – Teatro de las Oprimidas – innovative aesthetic experience about the specific oppressions that women face in diverse contexts. She has articles published in different languages, is editor of the METAXIS magazine and international collaborator of the Centre of Theatre of the Oppressed – CTO (Brazil). Since 2014 is member of International Theatre Institute of Unesco – ITI Germany.



atuadoras webAs Atuadoras (Brazil)

The workshop “Women and The Silences of History,” led by actress and art educator Fernanda Azevedo and by actress, video artist Maysa Lepique, intends to discuss, through theatrical, literary and audiovisual resources stimuli, the necessary tools for women to take charge of their lives and write their own stories – in an attempt to enlarge the debate on gender oppression, migrating it from a private and intimate sphere to a public sphere.
(In a community)

As Atuadoras, collective of artists and thinkers that discuss relevant issues to women of the XXI century through art with the objective of transforming realities. The group produces several actions that reflect critically on actual themes: in 2007, created the theater perfomance “Mulher a vida inteira”, for a female audience (Myriam Muniz Theatre grant by FUNARTE and sponsored by Petrobras) and published the book ‘Peça para Mulheres – História e Poesias do espetáculo teatral mulher a vida inteira” (Cultural Action Program 2008 Ministry of Culture of São Paulo). They represented Brazil in the international seminar Actions of Transfer – womens performance in the Americas at the University of California.


THE RED SHOES – Photographs of the wandering body

oficina rosellawith Rossella Viti e Roberto Giannini (Italy)

“The red shoes” is the title of a cult film. The main character is a dancer who, when puts on her red satin shoes “goes mad” and enters an imaginary dimension, a little dreamy, ruled by feelings and sensations. The pathway of this workshop is made with red shoes on the feet and a camera in the hands. We shall walk, explore, go across streets, palaces, gardens, intimate places and social spaces, using the camera as an extension of the body, such as writing that registers, in the light, adrift from our walk. Overcoming the limits of the daily view, with astonishment and awkwardness, collecting and returning the visited territory in a subjective notebook, imaginary, metaphoric, where each image is sign of the visible and sense of the invisible.
(In a public school)

Rossella Viti is a director-actress and photographer. She is interested in creative processes which include movement,images and narration. She is the artistic director of the Ippocampo Association and has trained in dance and sport, and then in theatre with particular attention to fields where ‘life learning’ can be applied to educational projects and cultural events.
Roberto Giannini is an actor and visual artist who studied art and theatre as autodidact since he was very young.




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