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3/11  Espaço Tom Jobim 17:00

Lecture by Jill Greenhalgh fallowed by the documentary “MAGDALENA” by Jill Greenhalgh and Sara Penrhyn Jones (30′), UK

Depicting the Magdalena Project in one film seems impossible, considering its historic and geographical spread, and its multilingual and evolving nature. Magdalena is a thirty minute documentary, created as a collaboration between Magdalena Founding Artistic Director, Jill Greenhalgh, and filmmaker Sara Penrhyn Jones. Using footage gathered by Sara from two Magdalena festivals in 2011 (Wales and Cuba), a story is woven, which historicises the project, and conveys something of the spirit which has kept the network relevant in a changing environment.

Jill Greenhalgh (Wales) has been a theatre professional for 30 years. In 1986, she founded the Magdalena Project – International Network of Women in Contemporary Theatre. As director, producer, performer and teacher, she has traveled and worked in several countries in Europe, Australia, Asia and the Americas. She is lecturer of the Performance Studies department at Aberystwyth University in Wales / UK. She has carried out a work based on the events that happened with women on the border between Mexico and the United States. Director of the project “The Threat of Silence”.

5/11  The Shed of Arts 16:30

Feature film- 70 min – Brazil 2014
Diected by: Eveline Costa e Oswaldo Eduardo Lioi
Director of Photography: Luis Abramo
Actors: Fernando Alves Pinto, Neila Tavares e Branca Messina

A fisherman promises his young wife to bring her all the fish in the world if she quits doing and undoing the crochet. He is forced to go further in search of fish.Increasingly lonely, she continues to crochet with the belief the threads will bring him back. João returns with extravagant gifts from the sea, until one day he disappears on the horizon. Amid environmental degradation, abandoned boats looming on the shores, like a huge cemetery of a rare beauty, Isaura still waits for João.

Eveline Costa founded SEQUÊNCIA Filmes, Músicas e Cênicas in 2001. In 2014 directs “Further Away” (with Oswaldo Lioi). In 2008 directed the short film ” Every Other Day” (Best Documentary Award / Rio Creative) that took part in 28 festivals in Brazil, Europe, USA and Asia. Created audiovisual for performances “Family Stories” / Amok Theatre and “Esther Williams does not want to swim anymore.” With Sequencia Cênicas, produced the plays directed by Jadranka Andjelic-dramaturgy of ” Cidade In/Visível ” and Audiovisual, Set Design of “DRREAM CATCHERS”. Oswaldo Eduardo Lioi, screenwriter of the feature film ” Cada Vez Mais Longe ” which directed with Eveline Costa in 2014: Art Director of feature films: Introdução à Música do Sangue; O Menino no Espelho (Prêmio “Araxá Terra do Sol” – 2012), Gatão de meia idade, A Ilha da Morte (“Tropeiro de Prata” Awarded at the IV Festival da Lapa 2010), Sonhos e Desejos (Awarded the “Kikito de Ouro” – 2006), dir. Marcelo Santiago, Fronteira, Pequenas Histórias, Vazio Coração, Vaga-lumes, A Familia Dionti, among others.