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2/11 Galpão das Artes 18:00 e dia 3/11  9:00 – 21:30 |  The Shed of Arts

Paola Terranova, BRAZIL (Rio de Janeiro)

The installation is part of a research in which the artist manipulates photographs and other images on the computer, adding, modifying, conceiving language and view. These works can be printed and then cut and pasted and recreated in an infinite number of possibilities and results. In this installation of the 4 works, the research was done on Paper Dolls, those that were sold inside magazines at the newsstands. The works shoould be printed on a transparent surface, and all 4 displayed together forming an installation unit.

Paola Terranova, artist, currently dedicated to creating videos / photos / drawings / paintings / sculptures. 1998 1st solo exhibition “CABEÇA” Cândido Mendes Gallery Ipanema / 1999 Collective-A FESTA DA CARNE C.Cultural Laurinda Santos Lobo, RJ/ 2000, 2nd Individual ENOVAR Paço Imperial, RJ / 2000/01 Collective-O SÉCULO DAS MULHERES – Algumas Artistas, C.Cultural Casa de Petrópolis/ 2001 Colletive VISÕES CONTEMPORÂNEAS Salão de Sobral, Ceará/ 2001 ARCO DAS ROSAS at Casa Das Rosas, SP/ 2001, 3rd Individual NA COR DO DORTE at GB de Márcia Barroso do Amaral, RJ/ 2002, 4th Individual TRANSMUTAR, C.Cultural PUC, RJ/ 2005 Colletiva HOMO LUDENS, Itaú Cultural, SP/ 2008, 5th Individual MOVIMENTO CONSTANTE, Galeria LUXX Design, RJ.


4/11  Galpao das Artes 18:00 | The Shed of Arts

BRAZIL (São Paulo)
Design, Performance and Video: Thais Medeiros

“A woman, black fabric, a chair … Even when the sun dies she shall hear his bones …”.
Performatic installation which appoaches existential themes poetically: death / life. Freely inspired by Hamlet /Ofélia of the Shakespearean tragedy in some poems that refer to the same subject. In this work there is an intertwining of the theatrical poetics and the visual arts. A scenic / plastic experiment with video intervention that questions what one does with his own existence.

Thais de Medeiros is an actress graduated at Macunaíma Theater School, playwright, researcher, poet and artist. Since 1990 develops works with theatre and fine arts . She created, produced, directed and acted at “Núcleo de Pesquisa Teatral A Mão 7” and at the “Linguagem 10 Teatro Dança”. Has attended workshops with Adriana Almeida (BMC), Carlos Simioni (Lume); Tadashi Endo (Butoh MA); Eugenio Barba, Julia Varley and Robert Carreri (Odin Teatret). Awarded with the Gold Medal with the works “Índio Brasileiro” on the 22nd Salon of Art ACSP, and “Bailarina Movimento 9” at the Cultural and Educational Center Lauderdale House, London.

5/11 Galpao das Artes 18:00 | The Shed of Arts


A manifesto performance of poetic nature inspired by the carpets of devotion from the Brazilian tradition intended to provoke reflections on themes such as violence against women; the massification and dissemination of death nowadays as well as to stimulate a critical view focused on issues involving the contemporary female . It is a rite of transformation of violence into poetry.

Coletivo GALERIA GRUTA gathers independent artists from São Paulo, which aims to occupy physical and virtual spaces for performance experimentation, as well as to instigate, provoke encounters and artistic and cultural exchanges. It´s target is to create a collaborative network of research and experimentation on the contemporary scene of the performing arts, visual arts and music.