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31/10   The Shed of Arts 15:00


Round table Moderator: Marisa Naspolini/Brazil
With Julia Varley/UK and Ana Woolf/Argentina

A Brazilian perspective on the Magdalena Network and thoughts on connections and collaborations among women in the performing arts.

The moderator, Marisa Naspolini is an actress, teacher and theatre producer. She has Laban Movement Analysis background (New York) and studied theatre in France and Italy. She has worked on more than 30 productions either as actress, director or coaching actors. She has taught at a theatre programme at the university (UDESC) for ten years. Currently she coordinates Vértice Brasil, connected to The Magdalena Project. She is the president of Áprika Cooperativa de Arte which runs projects in diverse artistic segments and she belongs to Baobah team, an institution that works for human development through art. She also writes for Diário Catarinense newspaper, where she keeps a weekly chronicle column.

1/11  The Shed of Arts 17:00


BRAZIL (Rio de Janeiro)
Text, Staging and Acting: Débora Almeida
Stage Supervision: Aduni Benton
Choreography: Denis Gonçalves e Maria Gal
Lights: Jorge Raibott
Set: Derô Martim
Costume: Jerry Fernando
Sound track: Samantha Rennó e Raquel Coutinho

It is a lecture and theatrical performance based on testimonials of black women and on the myth of Iansã. On stage there is Bábara, a black writer, daughter of Iansa, who shares with the audience passages of her own life and of other women who have influenced her.

Débora Almeida is an actress/dancer, cultural producer, professor and researcher in Performing Arts and African Dance. She has a BA Theatre at UNIRIO. In 2010, participated, the III FESMAN – World Festival of Black Arts in Dakar, Senegal, with the play Silêncio by Dos Comuns Theater Company, formed only by black actors, which aims to spread the culture of African Brazilian matrix and disseminate black culture. She colaborated in the texts of the plays Silencio, Bakulo, Candaces and A Roda do Mundo by the Dos Comuns.

2/11 Espaço Tom Jobim 17:00


Lecture and videos by Luciana Marrtuchelli/ BRAZIL (Brasília)

Women’s theatre and search for Solos Ferteis and dramatic excellence.
“It is like we’d like to return to our origins”

About conception and development of the editions of International Women in Theatre Festival – SOLOS FERTEIS – The Magdalena Project in Brasilia, which focus on women’s voice in theatrical scene and on the importance of female references to new female creators of solos performances. Also about the 8-year privilege that Brazil has in receiving the unique event of meeting and training with Julia Varley and Eugenio Barba – Odin Teatret’s director. In “The Secret Art of the Performer” they work directly with actors and actresses from Brazil and other countries.

Actress, director, teacher and movie maker, Luciana Martuchelli  directs SOLOS FERTEIS – International Festival of Women in Theatre since 2010. Focused on monologues and solo performances, conected to The Magdalena Project. Since 1994, concentrates research on the technical work of the actor, going through myths and the feminine and masculine voices’ legacy and heritage. Since 2008, created “The Secret Art of the Performer”, a annual masters-in-residence with Eugenio Barba and Julia Varley, in Brasilia, Brazil. Luciana has been Julia’s disciple since then, translating her book “Stones of Water” to portuguese. They are developing Luciana’s first solo performance “Mare Serenitatis”, directed by Julia Varley.

 3/11 Espaço Tom Jobim 18.00


Lecture by Lucia Sander, BRAZIL (Brasilia)

Reflections on the representation of women in the theater or on the construction and interpretation of female characters. We received a massive legacy of texts and interpretations of female characters from theso called classic theater that go on influencing readings and perfomances in the present. Its effect is to freeze these characters in a way they no longer serve today’s audience. A reinterpretation considering the anachronism of consecrated performances may reveal other potential different interpretations and staging of these characters that fit most to the audience nowadays. What Mahler wrote about music may serve to theater: “Tradition keeps us from thinking.”

Lucia V. Sander has a Ph.D. in Literature and is a Professor and Researcher at the University of Brasilia, Brazil (UnB), and Visiting Scholar at several universities in the United States. She trained in theatre directing and acting at the British Theatre Association, London (BTA), and created “Criticism in Performance”, a project that discusses polemical issues related to theatre in its proper medium, i. e. on stage. Lucia writes and performs in works generated by the project. Her special interests are literature,
theatre, dramaturgy and gender studies.

4/11 Espaço Tom Jobim 16:30


Round table with Helen Varley Jemieson / NZ, Rossella Viti / Italy, Violeta Luna / Mexico
(foto Roberto Freiras, SOMATICO)

How one can define a theatre and/or a multimedia performance? Are theatre performance and video art two distant medias or they can work as two different “colours” that blend to form a third one? What does “multimedia dramaturgy” means? What is the function of multimedia in the XXI Century, once the viewer’s mind has already been affected by variety of medias? Should this mixture be the creation of the new meaning or is it a just endless experimentation? Is it possible to create an organic relation between the actor/performer and the digital medias? These and others questions are the starting points for three invited artists to encourage discussion on the theme in the interactive way.

6/11  Espaço Tom Jobim 17:30

FROM DIVAS TO DEVAS – Lecture with Singing

Alba Lirio, Rio de Janeiro/BRAZIL (Brasilia)

Traditional cultures such as the Hindu and the Yoruba, with its sounds and vast repertoire of songs and with their body movements of great beauty and expressiveness, show us a path to go in search for transformation of the current social values. “From Divas to Devas” is an exercise of the imagination on this process of transformation through singing and movements which we set ourselves to investigate.

Alba Lírio has a BA in Social Communication (RJ) and Vocal Education (The Vox Mundi School, San Francisco, CA). She works with the arts and vocal traditions of indigenous african-Brazilian and Indian matrixes. For the past 20 years in Brazil has directed the Vox Mundi School of the Voice, based in Rio de Janeiro, and regularly gives voice education courses in Brazil and abroad. Guest professor of national and international institutions, including the Unipaz, PUC Rio, Universidad Del Hombre de Buenos Aires, Casa das Palmeiras, Rio Abierto System of Uruguay and Spain, Vox Mundi USA, India and Argentina, Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas. Vocal coach for actors.